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Universal balm Square
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The anti-inflammatory effect and warming
The unique healing balm for outdoor use. Has powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic properties. Beneficial effects on the state of the circulatory system, normalize the biochemical composition of the blood, improves kidney and lungs, strengthens the antitoxic activity of the liver, increases the body's defenses.
Indications: colds, flu, bronchitis, osteochondrosis of spine, joint diseases, salt deposits, trauma, contusions, bruises, sprains, seals and muscle pain, varicose veins, inflammatory skin disorders, postpartum breast.
Contraindications: allergy and skin diseases.
Rubbed into the skin in small amounts 5.3 ml. When joint pain and sciatica is recommended to apply a hot compress to the ears of 40-50 minutes. For the prevention of mastitis balm is used in wetting and applying without rubbing and warming.
Active ingredients
- Water - oil fir - gidronezirovannoe castor oil - camphor - xanthan gum - thyme - white sweet clover - oak bark - hops - Peony - thistle - angelica - bloodroot - saxifrage - Nettle - a mother and stepmother - Cato - sea buckthorn and eucalyptus oil - pine sap.

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